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Free! Oc by LadyTrSharon
Name: Akio Miyamoto
Age: 16

Gender: female

Species: human

Hair color: red

Eye color: purple

Favorite swim style: butterfly

Swim suit style : one piece(although she owns a variety of swim suits,she usually wears a one piece especially for practice)

Swim suit color: black with purple designs

Birth town: Iwatobi Town

Current town: Iwatobi Town

Personality:  Akio is very laidback person to be around with she's a very good listener that is willing to listen to your problems and will most of the time be there to tell you if you're messing up. she's not afraid to speak her mind and give advice when it comes to a situation(especially if it involves her friends).She's very enthusiastic and optimistic. she is a bit too shy in meeting new people and often it leads to just plain introductions. At times she's also feels awkward and left out during these kinds of meetings because when she was growing up she always had her brother to be the 'bridge'that connects her to other people (but she recently gotten better in communicating with others when entering middle school as she can't keep depending on him )and she usually doesn't or isn't used to be the one to initiate the situation(which at times she still isn't the best but she has been improving).As stated in the previous sentences,she is very enthusiastic because she often is influenced by her way too enthusiastic brother. she is very enthusiastic in a way that she is eager to try and explore new things especially foods,hobbies,and others .she is very laid back to be friends with in a way that she won't really mind it if you accidently did something wrong as she isn't really the type to scold others frequently (but of course she does give scolding (like most people) but it isn't too often)although she is easily embarrassed and very apologetic at times for example if she accidentally borrowed something and forgets to give it back,she would try to find you for a whole day and give it back to you if she cannot find you she would go to your class the next day and repeatedly apologize(just beacuse she's laidback to be around it doesn't mean that she IS laidback when it comes to herself) . she is at times also indecisive on her opinions and often spends a lot of time thinking about it.

Strengths: good listener,laid back,enthuastic,optimistic

Weaknesses: shy,awkward,very apologetic,easily embarrassed,gullible

Family: Atsushi Miyamoto(Father),Aoi Miyamoto(Mother),Akira Miyamoto(Brother)

Friends: Kou,Nagisa


Crushes: Makoto Tachibana

Likes: things she labels as 'cute'(for example: a fluffy kitten or a puppy),sunsets,hot chocolate

Dislikes: Cold Weather,Getting dirty(for exmple mud),stuffy attire(like wearing a lot of clothing)

Fears: rats(especially big ones),tight spaces(claustrophobia)

Akio Miyamoto was born to atsushi and aoi miyamoto right after her twin brother.She is the second born and only daughter of both of them.She spent most of her life in iwatobi town and actually only had trips abroad only a few times.As a child , She was a bit shy and would often hid behind her brother or parents ,she hated being around strangers and would often be never alone.Her parents would often also try to reconnect her to other people by a play date but unfortunately akio would never be close to them however akira would always attract them.In their Junior High,Akio would be separated from her brother and would meet the rest of the iwatobi swim club meeting with makoto first as they were both in the same class together.

Sayings: "the truth is I've always depended on my brother's strength..the little girl always hiding and peaking behind his back but then I realized if I was always stay at his back then...what's the point? what's the point of being born as his twin..if I can't even stand beside him then it's the same of not knowing him at all. being at his back,I won't be able to recognized or even see his after the first time we were separated,I decided to become more independent and stand by his side instead of hiding behind his back"

-her ideal type is a tall,kind,and charming guy
-her blood type is O
-has a huge soft spot to fluffy stuff(teddy bear,puppies,kittens,etc)
-akira was the original name that was intended for her but it was accidently mixed up with her brother's name
a renew of my free oc
JohnnOCFC Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
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JohnnOCFC Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
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