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EdMa Box by LadyTrSharon EdMa Box :iconladytrsharon:LadyTrSharon 3 0 EdMa Pixel by LadyTrSharon EdMa Pixel :iconladytrsharon:LadyTrSharon 2 0 DaRi Box by LadyTrSharon DaRi Box :iconladytrsharon:LadyTrSharon 4 0 Dari (V2) by LadyTrSharon Dari (V2) :iconladytrsharon:LadyTrSharon 2 0 DaRi  (V1) by LadyTrSharon DaRi (V1) :iconladytrsharon:LadyTrSharon 2 0 (CE)Running Against Time (v2) by LadyTrSharon (CE)Running Against Time (v2) :iconladytrsharon:LadyTrSharon 8 5 (CE)Running Against Time (v1) by LadyTrSharon (CE)Running Against Time (v1) :iconladytrsharon:LadyTrSharon 6 0 Edma Emotion Challenge by QueensNebula by LadyTrSharon Edma Emotion Challenge by QueensNebula :iconladytrsharon:LadyTrSharon 3 0 (CM)Pastelaine-art by LadyTrSharon (CM)Pastelaine-art :iconladytrsharon:LadyTrSharon 4 2 (AT) annthedevil by LadyTrSharon (AT) annthedevil :iconladytrsharon:LadyTrSharon 4 5 Cuties~! by LadyTrSharon Cuties~! :iconladytrsharon:LadyTrSharon 7 0 Honey Buddha(Butter) Chip by LadyTrSharon Honey Buddha(Butter) Chip :iconladytrsharon:LadyTrSharon 3 5 (AT) Camilla_ by LadyTrSharon (AT) Camilla_ :iconladytrsharon:LadyTrSharon 4 3 Quetzali by LadyTrSharon Quetzali :iconladytrsharon:LadyTrSharon 5 4 [CE] Three Ladies by LadyTrSharon [CE] Three Ladies :iconladytrsharon:LadyTrSharon 12 14 (TQC) Audrey Nightray (Application) by LadyTrSharon (TQC) Audrey Nightray (Application) :iconladytrsharon:LadyTrSharon 6 2


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Smooth (Guren Ichinose x Virgin!Reader) [Pt.2] :iconladynecrotic:LadyNecrotic 175 40
bed peace | kureto hiragi x reader
Calm. Quiet. Tranquil.
The two lovers were sound asleep, tangled limbs and silent breathing. Blinds were shut specifically for the reason to prevent any sunlight from peeking in and disturbing their peace. They both deserved it after all. It had been awfully busy at hq and the pair rarely shared a moment, so for now--
"Kureto, it's almost no--oh." Shinya's expression softened as his eyes landed on the sleeping couple before him. An endearing sight indeed. Kureto's eyes fluttered open and sat up, blinking a few times to focus on the figure standing in front of him. He internally groaned at the sight of brother, but he didn't really feel as bothered as he usually did when being barged in on.
"What the hell do you want?" He inquired softly, rubbing his eyes. This was quite out of character for Kureto. That was for sure.
"It's nothing." The blond waved him off, giving him a closed eyed grin. "Just a false alarm is all. Enjoy your day in with [f/n]." 
Kureto's face instantly flu
:iconsobersenpai:sobersenpai 97 9
fading [guren ichinose]
Guren Ichinose x Fem!Reader
When a person… has something important they want to protect… that's when they can become truly strong.

Guren hid behind a pile of rubble, left behind when a building had collapsed some time ago. There had been an unexpected attack from the vampire race, and although it was just a small army, most of them included nobles. He 'tch'ed, covering the deep gash he had sustained from one of his battles.
'This is bad...' he muttered, peeking out from his hiding place to assess the situation. Amidst his fight against one vampire, he had gotten separated from the rest of his squad, forcing him into an individual confronta
:iconvocaloidlenkarinto:VocaloidLenkaRinto 108 40
livestock. // {ferid bathory}
{ ferid bathory x fem!reader }
warning(s): mild sexual themes.
            “Bathory-sama will see you now,”
            You held your neck gingerly while giving a polite nod as the human butler led you inside to the vampire’s quarters.
            The mansion always captured your imagination.  No matter how many times you walked through it, it stunned you.  So much grandeur, beauty and perfection.  Could it possibly stand the test of time?
            Stumbling into the butler as you were taken with your thought, you realized that he had stopped.  That meant it was almost time.
            Your throat tightened, and you clutched the hem of your nicest dress in an attempt t
:iconbat-clawz:Bat-Clawz 107 13
Sweet Little Lamb: Yandere! Ferid Bathory x Reader
🐑Sweet Little Lamb🐑
Ferid Bathory x Human! Teen! Reader

Being part of the Moon Demon Company has it's perks but, it also has incredible downsides.
The Vampires...
Going out on patrol outside the walls, it scares me. Though...I can't tell anyone that. When I go outside, I feel a flood of negative emotions...fear, nervousness, anxiety.
'What am I going to do...' I ask myself as I shut my eyes tightly trying to stop the flow of tears. I became lost from my group after the Four Horsemen of John attacked. 'I'm pretty sure they've left by now.' I think hopelessly as I pull my knees closer to my torso.
"Awww....what do we have here~! A stray lamb~?"
My eyes widen at the sight as I look up slowly. From his black thigh-high boots to his long slivery hair, I knew this man from a long time ago...Ferid Bathroy.
All the hatred I had harbored for him came out in a scream, "You!"
"You killed my family! Y-You killed...Mi
:iconxxxrose-quartzxxx:xXxRose-QuartzxXx 212 32
Unwanted Savior (Crowley Eusford x Dying!Reader)
Darkness and light, it wavered back and forth through blurred vision as you faded from consciousness to unconsciousness. You laid helpless on the ground of a battlefield between vampires and humans. Your visage screamed "Put me out of my misery already!" Or "Resurrect me anew!" Laying in a puddle of your own blood, you turned to your side to allow the pool of blood that beckoned to choke you, pour out of your mouth. You danced on a fine thread of life and death that could break any moment.
Hearing was no longer a choice, it had faded entirely away. Except, a click of footsteps could be heard coming towards you. You wondered if those were your Maker's feet, dancing gallantly towards you to finally finish your body off and bring you to the next world.
Your eyes threatened to roll back into unconsciousness once more, but a sweet tone kept you together in the physica
:iconladynecrotic:LadyNecrotic 209 43
warm [guren ichinose]
Sitting on the comfy leather couch as his eyes scanned another undoubtedly boring report his secretary had given to him, Guren heaved a sigh. He ran a hand through his, now, greasy hair and nuzzled himself in the warmth of the thick comforter he stripped from his bed and onto the couch.
The lieutenant momentarily placed the stack of paper on the coffee table and stared at the crackling fire on the hearth in front of his couch. He had still not gotten used to the sudden cold that winter had brought with it. Even if he wore a thick sweater over his black, long-sleeved uniform, the temperature still chilled him to the bone. And his feet were really cold, since he took off his boots to avoid getting bloodstains on his couch.
Earlier, Kureto had ordered Guren to raid a vampire base somewhere in Shinjuku alone. The rest of his squad had relented the Lieutenant General’s orders since there was a raging blizzard outside and Kureto had wanted him to go to Shinjuku of all places. The raven
:iconhoesofolympus:hoesofolympus 156 15
Smooth (Guren Ichinose x Virgin!Reader)[Flashfic]
That man, the Lieutenant Colonel of the Moon Demon Company to be precise, he was like a predator playing with his prey before he went in for the final kill.
That gaze, that grin, that terrible, teasing voice. He sure knew how to seduce and make his prey wobble and shudder before him.
"Y'know... (F/n)..." He toyed with silky vocals, getting up from his desk to waltz over to your refined, proper and professional demeanor that sat in the chair before his desk. Oh, how you tried so hard to keep cool and collected. Any normal person would think that, but not Guren, he knew your fidgets and that you were actually trembling with shy desire.  "...Virgins are a sin in this day and age."
How dare he bring up your virginity at a time like this. Wasn't he supposed to be filling you in on a new quota? At least you thought that was the reason he called you into his office. His whi
:iconladynecrotic:LadyNecrotic 220 32


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Hello Everyone~! Welcome , I'm LadyTrSharon ( formerly HetaliaHeteroshipper) and I salute you for coming to my profile...I guess I'll start off with my hobbies ? my hobbies including drawing and sometimes writing.I'm currently in the process of improving my art style as I am in awe of how some deviant are so inspiring and how beautiful their work is . I enjoy a lot of thing as well such as anime,manga,cartoons,and a lot of others.
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